Monday, April 6, 2015

3,000-year-old Egyptian artifacts in a cave near Kibbutz Lahav in southern Israel

A ring unearthed during the excavation is inlaid with a seal showing an Egyptian warrior holding a shield and sword.
Credit: Unit for the Prevention of Antiquities Robbery of the Israel Antiquities Authority


"During this period, Canaan was ruled by Egypt," Daphna Ben-Tor, curator of Egyptian archaeology at the Israel Museum, explained in a statement from the IAA.

"The names of kings appeared on some of the seals," Ben-Tor added. "Among other things, we can identify a sphinx lying opposite the name of the pharaoh Thutmose, who reigned from about 1504-1450 B.C. Another scarab seal bears the name of Amenhotep, who reigned from about 1386-1349 B.C. Still another scarab depicts Ptah, the principal god of the city of Memphis."


The collection of artifacts found in the cave includes faience amulets depicting Egyptian gods and scarab seals depicting Egyptian pharaohs.
Credit: Clara Amit, courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority


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