Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Report on the Results of the 2013 Excavation Season at Tel Kabri

The 2013 excavations at Tel Kabri, the capital of a Middle Bronze Age Canaanite
kingdom located in the western Galilee region of modern Israel, lasted from 23 June to 1
August 2013.

Highlights of the season included the discovery of a complex composed of
several rooms, located adjacent to the palace and the Orthostat Building in Area D-West,
one of which was fully excavated and which turned out to be filled with nearly forty
storage jars; additional fragments of painted wall plaster in Area D-South1; and an
additional large hall and rooms with plaster floors belonging to the palace in Area DWest
East, creating a 75-meter-long continuum of uninterrupted monumental

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